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Friday, March 27

08:00 EDT

[VIRTUAL] "Jim Carolina": North Carolina's Civil Rights Movement OnlineAliyah Alexander • Dr. Lloyd Johnson [VIRTUAL] A Community-Based Investigation of Vaccine Perceptions and Hesitancy Within a Rural Community in North Carolina OnlineAshley Murphy Shaw • Meghan Nunnally • Dr. Godwin Dogbey • Dr. Amy Hinkelman, Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology [VIRTUAL] A Solution for the Stranger: Xenophobia and Nationalism in Shakespeare's Venetian Plays OnlineJordan Hobgood • Dr. Eric Dunnum [VIRTUAL] An Investigation of the Association Between Risky Behaviors and Alcohol Consumption in Pregnant Females OnlineKaylee G. Moore • Megan N. Taylor • Dr. Charles Carter [VIRTUAL] Are Corpora Amylacea Protective Against Dementia in the Aging Brain? OnlineJitzely Rodriguez • Dr. Terence Mitchell • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Avoiding Urban Flight: Positive Deviants Who Stay Home in a Rural Coastal County and Thrive OnlineAmber Merklinger • Dr. J. Dean Farmer [VIRTUAL] Birth Beginnings Doula Volunteer Services OnlineVanessa Miranda Castillo • Sucharitha Murugu • Dr. Ann Ortiz [VIRTUAL] Case Study of an Anomalous Accessory Muscle of the Posterior Forearm OnlineArash Behroozi • Brandon Block • Jeremie Bourget • Monyetta Hanson • Dr. David Green, Associate Professor of Anatomy • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Cost Analysis of Direct Oral Anticoagulants versus Enoxaparin for the Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism in Acute Medically Ill Patients OnlineMeredith Lilley • Phoenix Riley • Dr. Charles Carter [VIRTUAL] CU Soup: Engaging Underserved Communities OnlineDylan Andrews • Dr. Katherine Spradley [VIRTUAL] English as the Only Language: Identity Conflict among Latinx ESL Students OnlineLeah Tripp • Dr. J. Dean Farmer [VIRTUAL] Evaluating the Use of Mixed Reality to Teach Respiratory Anatomy OnlineBenjamin Robinson • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Expectations vs. Reality: Biracial Representation in Media and its Effect on Biracial Identity Development OnlineJeanette Marie Haynes • Brian Bowman [VIRTUAL] Food Disparities in Harnett County - What is Being Done and What Needs to Be Done? OnlineKellie Beam • Dr. Deborah Weaver [VIRTUAL] From Stonewall to Mayor Pete: How Generations Have Been Fighting For Equal Protection for the LGBTQ Community OnlineMadi Spada • Dr. Cathy Cowling [VIRTUAL] Gender, Speech, and Silence: A Case Study in Pat Barker's "Regeneration" OnlineLeah Tripp • Dr. Gina Peterman [VIRTUAL] Health Communication and Public Health: Speaking Life with Positive Deviance OnlineCameron Turlington • Dr. J. Dean Farmer [VIRTUAL] Henry VIII and His Six Wives: How the Marriages and Divorces of Henry VIII Impact their Lives OnlineSamantha Nester • Dr. Lloyd Johnson [VIRTUAL] Horrors Behind a White Picket Fence OnlineMonique Kesling • Ms. Kimberly B Ward [VIRTUAL] Identifying Positive Deviance in Nursing Practices OnlineJacqueline Stournaras • Dr. J. Dean Farmer [VIRTUAL] Incidence of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in North Carolina and the Association with Neonatal Factors in 2016 OnlineAmy Clontz • Melissa Harward • Thuy Vo • Dr. Charles Carter [VIRTUAL] Increased Intraocular Pressure in a Division 1 Football Player OnlineMorgan Garris • Dr. Sarah Christie [VIRTUAL] Is There a Correlation between Visual Arts Self-Care Implementation and College Students’ Mental Well-Being? OnlineKaylee Toms • Dr. Jutta M. Street [VIRTUAL] Managing Caregiver Stress and Caregiver Perception of Student Behavior OnlineShea Gronlund • Dr. Jutta M. Street [VIRTUAL] Nuclear Autoantigenic Sperm Protein (NASP): A Possible Diagnostic Marker for Prostate Cancer OnlineAlexa Hartmayer • Kate Rhone • Professor Oleg Alekseev [VIRTUAL] Science and Religion: Albert Einstein's Perspective OnlineNicholas R. Loscalzo • Dr. Adam English [VIRTUAL] The Effects of Heart Rate on Marksmanship in Tactical Personnel: A Systematic Review OnlineJeffrey Kennedy • Dr. Brad Myers [VIRTUAL] The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene OnlineAbigail Pore • Dr. Jennifer Bashaw [VIRTUAL] The Long-Term Effect of Hot Spot Policing on Property Crime Rates OnlineDonny Stewart Jr. • Dr. Marion Haley [VIRTUAL] The Story of Tadeusz Pankiewics, WW II Kracow Ghetto Pharmacist OnlineJennah Badger • Gabriella Salerno • Dr. Robert Cisneros [VIRTUAL] This is Us: Red Springs, NC OnlineCassie Taylor • Dr. Justin Nelson [VIRTUAL] Vaccine Hesitancy: Parents Who Perceive Their Child as Vulnerable, Less Likely to Vaccinate Their Child OnlineCaSondra Linne • Dr. Holland • Dr. Miranda van Tilburg [VIRTUAL] Women On-Air Within the Last Decade: A Comparative Study of Percentages from 2009-2019 OnlineCaroline Leach • Brian Bowman [VIRTUAL] Written Purity in Practice: An Exploration into the Purity Practices of the Yaḥad (יחד) at Khirbet Qumran Through Literary and Archaeological Evidence OnlineMiles Baker Hunt • Dr. Kathryn M. Lopez [VIRTUAL] “Beauty in Ordinary Things”: The Effect of the Real and Unreal Characteristics of The Office (U.S.) OnlineGrace Miller • Dr. Elizabeth Rambo [VIRTUAL] “I Wish I was Lovely": Body Dysmorphia in Shirley Jackson's "Haunting of Hill House" OnlineStephen Creech • Dr. Sherry Truffin [VIRTUAL] “One Song, America, Before I Go.” The Dissipation of the Loco-Foco Movement OnlineZach Berly • Dr. Salvatore Mercogliano [VIRTUAL] “The Case for Satire in Daniel Defoe's 'An Essay upon Projects'" OnlineStephen Creech • Dr. Donna Waldron