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Subject: Osteopathic Medicine [clear filter]
Friday, March 27

08:00 EDT

[VIRTUAL] A Community-Based Investigation of Vaccine Perceptions and Hesitancy Within a Rural Community in North Carolina OnlineAshley Murphy Shaw • Meghan Nunnally • Dr. Godwin Dogbey • Dr. Amy Hinkelman, Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology [VIRTUAL] Acute Liver Failure Due to Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 OnlineTanner Mabry • Dr. Christopher Stewart [VIRTUAL] Are Corpora Amylacea Protective Against Dementia in the Aging Brain? OnlineJitzely Rodriguez • Dr. Terence Mitchell • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Cadaveric Case Study of Subdural Hematoma OnlineSean Fitzgerald • Logan Richardson • Grace Routh • Stanley Saju • Dr. Robert Larson [VIRTUAL] Cadaveric Case Study: Atheroma with Granulation Tissue OnlineThomas S Davis • Emily Dean • Dr. Terence Mitchell • Dr. Howard Reisner [VIRTUAL] Cadaveric Case Study: Risk Factors and Sites of Metastasis of Esophageal Cancer OnlineChristi Szalanski • Madison Brown • Emily Bowen • Stephanie Herfurth • Dr. Adam Foster • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Cadaveric Study of Lipomatous Meningioma OnlineAnthony Caruso • Alyssa Meredith • Michael Mitchell • Tyler Moore • Dr. David Green, Associate Professor of Anatomy [VIRTUAL] Case Study of an Anomalous Accessory Muscle of the Posterior Forearm OnlineArash Behroozi • Brandon Block • Jeremie Bourget • Monyetta Hanson • Dr. David Green, Associate Professor of Anatomy • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Case Study of Uncommon Cystic Form of Nasal Polyp OnlineLindsey Johnson • Dafe Jessa • Stephen Joseph • Dr. Adam Foster • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Comparing Therapy and Treatment Options for Uterine Fibroids OnlineKatia Kyriakoulis • Alyssa King • Alan Proia (faculty co-mentor) • Dr. Adam Foster [VIRTUAL] Design and Optimization of PCR-Based Assays to Test for Mitochondrial Transformation OnlineTyler Strong • Austin Patrick • Dr. Warren Lushia [VIRTUAL] Effects of Anthropometrics on Vertical Ground Reaction Force in Division 1 Athletes OnlineAustin T. Vegas • Dr. Jennifer Bunn [VIRTUAL] Efficacy and Implications of Ovarian Cystadenoma Diagnosis via Ultrasonography OnlineRuth Gakpo • Bridget Worth • Kiara Yeatman • Sophia Zhang • Alan Proia (faculty co-mentor) • Dr. Terence Mitchell [VIRTUAL] Evaluating the Use of Mixed Reality to Teach Respiratory Anatomy OnlineBenjamin Robinson • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology [VIRTUAL] Histopathology of Type I Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma OnlineKaylie Dunbar • Thomas Gignac • Robert Greer • Tyler Strong • Dr. Howard Reisner [VIRTUAL] Necrotizing Enterocolitis in a Full-term Infant: A Case Report and Review of Literature OnlineEmily Cox • Dr. Omar L. Caban [VIRTUAL] Non-inflammatory Gout in Interphalangeal Joints- A Case Study of a Cadaveric Specimen OnlineAbby Daniels • Molly Kearney • Clotilde Robinson • Morgan Woods • Dr. Maxx Toler [VIRTUAL] Nuclear Autoantigenic Sperm Protein (NASP): A Possible Diagnostic Marker for Prostate Cancer OnlineAlexa Hartmayer • Kate Rhone • Professor Oleg Alekseev